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    From the matters that are essential for every Muslim to have knowledge of is that of purification as it is the key to the prayer, which is the most important pillar of Islām after the Shahādah (Testimony of Faith). The following PDF entitled, “The Book of Purification” is taken from the book Al-Wajīz fī Fiqhis-Sunnah wal-Kitābil-‘Azīz and highlights the following:

    § Types of Water

    § Impurities

    § How to Purify Impurities

    § Sunnahs of the Fiṭrah

    § Toilet Manners

    § Purification for the Prayer

    • The Wuḍū: Its Description
    • The Conditions for Its Correctness
    • Its Obligations

    § Sunnahs of the Wuḍū

    § Those Things Which Break the Wuḍū

    § Those Things Which Wuḍū is Obligatory For

    § Those Things Wuḍū is Recommended For

    § Wiping Over the Leather Socks

    § Al-Ghusl (The Bath)

    § The Recommended Baths

    § Tayammum

    § Menstruation and After-birth Bleeding

    Click to Read/Download

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